With so many changes happening on the planet, there is a lot of old, suppressed energy rising to the surface to be healed and released.

Although this is a good thing in the bigger story of humanity, it can also bring up a lot of grief and sadness as we find our own way to let go of what was to make room for what could be.

We are all in a collective state of grief, as the old ways are crumbling.

Even though there is so much that was not working in the old way, it is still a process to let it go.


To process the natural grief that is arising, here are:

3 ways to process our Collective Grief


1.Get Grounded

It is important that you have a grounding practice to help you drop and release the old energy. You may naturally feel a bit more tired these days. That is a natural sign of grief. It is trying to slow you down, and bring your energy to the ground so you can let go.

My favorite grounding practices are sleeping and spending time in nature. Find something that allows you to work with the heavy energies that can come up with grief and let the heaviness create rest for you through sleep, or let it ground out through your feet in nature.

How can you ground your energy?



2. Make Space for Depth

Grief forces us to go deeper. We can no longer tip-toe around the surface, pretending things are fine. Grief pulls us deeper. In the process, old suppressed energies that were lurking under the surface rise up with a vengeance. This is why we’ve been seeing so many deep issues rise over the past few years including the #metoo movement, the Climate Change movement, and now the #blacklivesmatter movement. These issues have been under the surface for centuries, but as we go deeper, they are rising.

Make space for depth in your life by listening to the deeper issues within your own life and do what you can to process those old feelings.

What is under the surface in your own life that needs to be addressed?


3. Find Safety in Vulnerability

We have to surrender to make space for something nü. I know there is a lot of fight energy on the planet right now, and that is healthy, as it is helping to release the old suppressed energies. And, there is a point where we take it even further than the fight and find the vulnerability undernearth. We have to create safety for that level of vulnerability, so it can become our super-power to enable us to soften rather than harden.

Finding safety in vulnerability is the process of finding your strength within your tender places and let yourself soften into the greatest opening of your life. That is when a rebirth is possible.

How can you lovingly care for yourself in your own vulnerabilities?


I’d love to hear how you’re processing our collective grief at this time.

Share what is helping you to process the collective grief in the comments below.


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