It’s Father’s Day today!

What a perfect time to celebrate your dad and contemplate the ways in which the masculine energy has shaped your life.

With all the wild shifts on our planet, the patriarchal-masculine-based structures have been undergoing mass scrutiny and transformation. Which makes it a perfect time to think about….

What is the Divine Masculine?

I first started thinking about the idea of the Divine Masculine years ago when I was invited to be part of an art project where I had to transform into a man.

Fine Art Photographer Melanie Gillis created a project called Animus, where she photographed Women as Women, and Women as Men. When she invited me to be part of this, I had to pose the BIG question…

How do you express and embody masculine energy?

Melanie coached me to discover my inner masculine and this is what happened….



In the process I came up with a list of traits that I felt expressed masculine energy. My first list was a mixed bag that blended imbalanced masculine traits like aggression, egoistic posturing, dominance over, and exploitation, along with some more empowered traits like strength, clarity and integrity.

Eventually I took it deeper to unearth the true essence of the Divine Masculine and I discovered the qualities I wanted to express and appreciate about the masculine in my art image where qualities like: integrity, hard work, protection, strength, being in service to something greater, focus, clear direction, and earthy power.

The whole experience was deeply transformation and gave me a new perspective on how our whole society is structured.


If you’re reading this and thinking….

 “I’m a woman. I don’t have to think about how to express masculine energy.”

Think again!


Our very DNA is made up of the union of the masculine and feminine energy, so however you identify, we all have masculine and feminine energies within us.



It is becoming increasingly important to look at both masculine and feminine energies within ourselves, and how we want to express and embody them moving forward.

In the past 5 years we’ve experienced a series of global movements like the #metoo movement, the climate change Movement, and now the #blacklivesmatter movement.  If you look at all these movements, they all have the same root….


There is an undertone of patriarchal dominance and dis-empowered masculine energy.


So now, more then ever, it is relevant and important to look at the Divine Masculine and how each of us is expressing and embodying it.

So, let’s get the conversation going….

3 questions to think about:

  1. What qualities do you think express our current cultural masculine energy?
  2. What qualities do you feel express the Divine Masculine energy?
  3. What is one thing you could do today to express or appreciate the Divine Masculine within yourself and others?

Share your thoughts about the masculine energy in the comments below.

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