Laüra Hollick | Funeral for the Old Paradigm

Funeral for the Old Paradigm

July 4, 2020

It is the darkest hour just before the dawn. The dark helps us release our grip on old ways of being. The dark puts us face-to-face with our shadow so we can’t deny our wholeness anymore.

As the dawn of the nü paradigm gives us a glimpse of what is coming, we are pulled to the door of what could be, but we can’t fully pass through the portal into the nü paradigm until we respectfully acknowledge, honor and release the past.

The time has come to collectively grieve the past, so we can birth ourselves a-nü.

Join me in this collective ritual to release the past through respectful acknowledgement and allow authentic feelings to be felt for our human family to heal.

It is truly the end of an era.

We have finally reached the point where we no longer have the energy to keep our shadows suppressed. The things that have been living under the surface and below the radar are rising.

As the strength of our shadows get stronger than our will to suppress them, we are faced with the unprocessed wounds, inequalities, exploitation, and overwhelming pain of a society founded on separation.

We need to grieve the damage we’ve done because we’ve carried on in this way for too long.

We need to grieve the prostitution women have endured simply as a means of survival.

We need to grieve the horrible treatment people of different races have endured.

We need to grieve our own obliviousness and delusions that have kept us blind for too long.

We need to grieve our own inability to cope with the truth and the ways this has kept us trapped.

We need to grieve the ways we’ve hidden our true selves for fear of judgement and punishment.

We need to grieve the years, and lifetimes we’ve wasted keeping our true selves hidden.


We need to grieve the damage we’ve done to the planet.

We need to grieve the damage future generations will be dealing with because of centuries of abuse that came before them.

We have a lot to grieve.

It is very sad.

It is heartbreaking.

It is overwhelming.

We need a collective way to come together to acknowledge the pain and the loss.

We need to find a way for our tears to cleanse the spaces within and in between us so we can truly heal.

It’s time to make it official…

It’s time to draw a line in the sand and say “no more” to the old ways that no longer work.  This is our time to collectively surrender our swords that have been guarding the gate of suppression and let go of pretending we can’t see.

It is time to see clearly.

We need to collectively let go.

Cleansing Tear Worksheet

Download this Cleansing Tear Worksheet to support your release.

Cleansing Tear Worksheet

What are you ready to let go of?

This isn’t a time to be shy, and hold back. Please consider this and share. As you share you take ownership of your own healing, and you contribute to our collective healing.

Here are some examples of things to let go of from the old paradigm: I am letting go of exploiting the earth. I am letting go of pretending there hasn’t been racial inequality. I am letting go of behaviors that diminish the value of the feminine. I am letting go of the belief that money is more important that people. I am letting go of going along with things I don’t believe in so I don’t ruffle anyone’s feathers. I am letting go of hiding my true Self.


Share something you are ready to let go of in the comments below.

This is one of those significant moments in our lives.

Please share the Funeral for the Old Paradigm with your friends and community. This matters!