Reflecting on the past year is both rewarding and surprising. This year was filled with many beautiful moments, but they weren’t all glowing with joy. Many of my experiences this year were about facing the darker spaces within. While the world seemed to be shrinking with pandemic restrictions, I was reminded that a lot of richness can grow when you stay close to home. These are my Top 10 for 2021….

1. Bloom where you are planted

I stayed close to home the entire year. Normally I would travel to broaden my perspective, but that wasn’t an option this year with the global pandemic in full effect.  This year I discovered that when your world shrinks, you can expand the space within where you are. I became more familiar with the local trails and created this wintery photoshoot in a forest near my studio. Spending all my time close to home helped me understand the concept “Bloom where you are planted.”


2. Getting creative in the kitchen

Being at home gave me the opportunity to transform my food habits into an artform. My kitchen became my second studio space this year with all the creative energy being cooked up. I’ve been obsessed with Medical Medium teachings and enjoyed every opportunity to elevate my nutrition and self-care.  I spent so much time creating in my kitchen in 2021. Food became my prime creative embodiment practice this year.


3. Juice Jubilee

I have been juicing for around 10 years, but this year I started experimenting with different kinds of fruits and veggies, color combinations, taste variations, and arranging my daily juice blends into artistic photos. I created hundreds of juice blend bouquets this year, and drank them all too!


4. Painting through the rainbow

I have a giant canvas on the wall in my studio.  Throughout the year this giant painting has been transforming and evolving as I’m working my way through the rainbow.  I didn’t get all the way through the full rainbow yet, but it’s in motion. Life’s a journey through the rainbow.


5. Soul Art TV

I feel in love with sharing channeled messages through Facebook Lives in our Soul Art Community Group this year. Each episode of Soul Art TV offered a dose of pure inspiration to nourish the creative spirit.  Although Soul Art TV was put on hold once Yoni Art Fest started, I loved every episode while it lasted. Connecting with our Soul Art Community lights me up!


6. Grief & Loss

There was so much death, loss, and hollowing grief this year. My dear friend Laura Hames Franklin passed away this year, which shocked my system. My Nana passed away, which left a deep hole. One of my favorite restaurants “” closed, which broke my heart.  I felt disconnected from so many people.  There was so much emotional pain.  I cried A LOT. I included this in my top 10 because I cherish the depth of feeling this brought. Although it has been excruciating in moments, I am grateful for my capacity to feel deeply.


7. Little Laura

All the tears shed over this year have been watering the garden of this little one and making space for her to grow. Little Laura (my inner child) is the source of so many of my magical visions and dreams. She is my spark of pure inspiration. This year I deepened my connection with the little one within so I could heal old patterns and replenish the holes in my foundation.  She is getting what she needs to grow and prosper!


8. Yoni Art

This year marked our very first Yoni Art Fest!  Our global community gathered to explore, express, and embody our wild, divine, feminine essence. I was so deeply moved by this experience and the transformations I witnessed in others (and felt within myself). We created a Global Yoni Art piece from all the rituals and landed more fully in our female root.


9. Dreams to Reality

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved Mercedes. The first time I saw a Mercedes was in my childhood when my friend’s Mom came by to pick me up to take me back to their place to swim in their pool.  She picked me up in her little blue Mercedes while wearing a matching blue string bikini. I thought that was the coolest thing I’d ever seen and dreamed that one day I would drive a Mercedes and wear a string bikini like her.  This year I got my first Mercedes, but rather than wearing a bikini there was a rainbow in the sky to match my rainbow spirit.


10. My Favorite!

My relationship with Kevin Thom has been the highlight of this year and this decade. It is such a joy to connect and create with this incredible man. We deepened our connection this year with so much love, presence, and lots of quality time together!


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