A kiss from the divine warms the soul even in the chill of winter.

The divine flirts with sparks of inspiration and primal pulls of attraction.

Let yourself flirt back this Valentine’s Day…



Flirt back by listening to your primal pulse and responding with curiosity.

Flirt back by acting on your inspiration.

Romance is the energy exchange made with divine love and primal love.

The only thing holding back divine love from meeting and merging with primal love is a barrier built from frozen fears. Fears that formed from old ideas, past poisons, and wounds that left us weary.


Melt the frozen fears this Valentine’s Day…



In the storm of fear, possibilities are paralyzed, doors shut, and passageways for connection close.

In the storm of love, walls come down, whispers are heard, and wishes are granted.


Let love in with the kiss of the divine this Valentine’s Day…



May your love create a storm that has you swooning.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



One of the ways I experience the divine love affair is with creative expression.


Art is a type of romance.


Divine love and primal love start dancing together when I make art. It is a dance between ideas and reality, spirit and Earth, where the creative process is a form of love-making that brings it all together.


I was kissed by the divine when this idea sparked…


These stormy heart images were conceived through a spark of inspiration. I saw a rich heart with radiant red rays veining out across a vast wintery landscape. Love was the warmth that can keep the land from completely freezing over.

Once I was kissed by the divine with this spark of inspiration, I started playing around in my studio to see where this idea would take me. I knew I wanted to create something that I could embody but I needed a way to enter.


A red felt heart became the hearth at the center of a winter storm.


Once I established a grounded place for love to land, the heart became the center of a stormy winter dress made with billowing white tulle. Here’s the Heart Storm dress taking shape…


I wanted to create a look that felt frozen and stiff like a chilly winter day fixed in time and space while also having a splash of color creating a ray of warmth to melt the cold.

White and red were my color palette for this vision.

Alannah Mason was my trusted makeup artist up for the challenge (especially with this frozen hair-do!).



We photographed this stormy heart in my Soul Art Studio using studio lights to create a completely white wall of winter.

The stormy heart images were brought to life with makeup artist Alannah Mason, and photographer Stephanie Pehar.



The romance of Valentine’s Day can be expressed in many ways.


Whether you’re in for a steamy night with your lover, or you’re following your primal instincts into a new experience, or you’re letting the passion of your creativity gush through…


I hope you honor the divine love and primal love within and make today a day to celebrate LOVE in all the ways it moves in your life.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


How do you experience divine love and primal love?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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