There is a regal one within that radiates.

Sometimes you catch a glimmer of her in the quiet moments when no one else sees.

But, when safety reigns she shines supreme.



I wrote that message to myself before a creative photoshoot as a gentle invitation to remember that beauty exists within, but beauty needs safety to come out.

The best way to prepare for a creative photoshoot (or any situation where you want to express yourself) is to create safety for your soul.


How does one create safety for soul beauty to shine through?


The process of creating safety for your soul to shine through is as unique as you are.  Imagine your soul had a fingerprint, and that fingerprint was a map. If you could travel that map, you would discover your soul’s unique needs that piece together the path to safety and liberated soul expression.

Although there are many ways to create safety for yourself, I’ve put together 5 places to start.


5 ways to create safety for your soul


1. Care for your body

Your body is your home on Earth. When your body is properly hydrated and fueled with quality nutrition, you get your physical needs met. We’re up against a lot in this world, from pathogens, pollution, and disconnected experiences. When you care for your body, you create a home base for yourself from which you can face life with nourished energy.


2. Listen to your emotions

Your emotions are intelligent. They hold valuable information about your true needs. When you listen to your emotions, you learn about yourself. When you suppress or deny your emotions, you dismiss and abandon yourself. Strengthen a deep sense of safety within yourself by listening to your emotions, learning about your true needs, and building the skills so you can respect your true needs.


3. Honor your creativity

Creative energy is life-force energy. As you give your creativity the chance to express, you increase your capacity for life-force energy to move through you. Your soul recognizes the high-vibe of life-force energy and feels at home in that space.  Treat your creativity like a wise elder and an innocent child. There is a purity and a wisdom to the free flow of your creativity.  Let yourself be creative. Make peace with mistakes and include them in your creative process. You’ll feel the sense of freedom and safety grow as you make friends with your creative expression.


4. Cultivate Courage

I heard the saying “Courage is fear with a prayer.” Creating safety doesn’t mean you won’t experience fear. It just means you have love holding you through the fears.  Cultivating courage is about strengthening your connection to love, truth, integrity, and all the qualities of your soul. When you root into love, you create safety for your soul to spread its wings.


5. Create space to simply be

Safety is a state of being rather than an action to do. Although there are many actions that can  create safety for yourself, ultimately you’ll feel safe when you reach a state of being that resonates with your soul’s truth. Practice making space for your soul’s resonance by learning how to simply be, creating space for yourself that doesn’t require you to accomplish anything or check anything off your to-do list. Build a relationship with yourself in that space and you’ll build the capacity for your soul’s resonance to illuminate your life.


Creating safety for your soul is an ongoing process that sets a foundation for the ultimate creation…yourself!


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Create safety for your soul by giving yourself the chance to grow.

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