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Artful Environments

May 14, 2022

I’ve been making artful environments for my virtual classes and talks out of my painted watercolor paper. These watercolor papers have evolved into blossoming flowers with bursting colors.

Explore each watercolor color flower throughout this post and vote on your favorite….



Which watercolor flower is your favorite?

Our digital age has opened up a new kind of art form….the video frame has become a picture frame.

Since so much of our learning and interacting experiences take place online these days, I’ve become inspired by creating artful environments for the video frame. I’ve been sculpting backgrounds and designing outfits to match to make my online classes and talks art pieces in themselves.

The following pieces show 6 of my artful environments from online classes and talks. As you’re scrolling through choose your favorite watercolor flower and vote at the end.


Red Rose

This Red Rose is a sculptural piece made from over 100 watercolor papers painted with reds, pinks, and purples.


Wearing red with a flowered edge top. It felt amazing to feel held in this tightly wound bud. I kept sensing the bud was about to open because I could smell the fragrance of inspiration exuding from this exquisite background.


The Red Rose watercolor paper background set the stage for Day 1 of my 5-Day Create Yourself journey in Soul Art School. Little did everyone know they would be journeying through a rainbow garden through the 5-Day journey.



Opulent Orange

The Opulent Orange flower came together through sculptural layers of watercolor papers soaked with deep orange, yellow, reds along with stripes of rolled gold foil.


A few years ago I found this incredible yellow and red fringe. I bought it immediately thinking I would make some kind of top with the fringe hanging as wings along my arms. As time went on, the winged top wasn’t happening and I started to wonder if I would ever use that gorgeous fringe piece. As this opulent orange flower was coming to together, I started squealing with delight as I realized that fringe piece had been waiting for this moment all along.

I tied the fringe around my neck and the flower become my wings!


I wore this orange outfit while wearing the fringe adornment during Day 2 of the 5-Day Create Yourself journey in Soul Art School. During this talk I spoke at the healing the core wound and restoring wholeness in our lives.


Yellow Yarrow

Yarrow is a beautiful flower that grows in clusters. I ate yarrow in a spectacular dish at a gourmet restaurant in New Zealand and was instantly bonded to its joyful presence.  I knew I wanted to honor this delightful flower with bursting bright sculptural arrangement. I created this wall sculpture with watercolor papers painted with yellow, orange, and green.


I felt like I was sitting in the sun while connecting with this Yellow Yarrow. There was such a warmth and glow shining from this piece I couldn’t help but smile.


My studio was brightened with this arrangement. The Yellow Yarrow was the perfect background for Day 3 of the 5-Day Create Yourself journey I led in Soul Art School. The talk of the day was all about expressing your creativity. It certainly added a spark of inspiration!


Green Gaia

The soothing combination of greens and blues felt like our Great Mother Earth “Gaia.”  I painted dozens of watercolor papers in blues and green, then sculptured them into the Earth Flower arrangement.


I wore green in honor of the all that Gaia grows on our magnificent planet.


The Green Gaia flower created a fresh spring-like background for my Soul Art School talk on Embodying your Essence.


Bountiful Blue

Every color has a vibe. When blues are combined with purples I feel a cool, regal presence. The way this sculptural watercolor flower came together felt like a multi-petalled petunia pronouncing its presence to the world.


I matched my adornment to this Bountiful Blue flower with sparkling turquoise and indigo. I felt myself sit a bit taller as if my spinal stem was lifted by the power of this lustrous loveliness.


I sat with the Bountiful Blue flowering background as I led Day 5 of the 5-Day Create Yourself journey in Soul Art School. Here I am in my studio reviewing my notes for the class.


Resplendent Rainbow

This Resplendent Rainbow features hundreds of my watercolor paintings in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink. The sculptural piece feels like a decadent flower that blooms in all colors!


Kevin Thom and I sit smiling in front of the Resplendent Rainbow background during our “Dream a nü Dream” exhibit opening with Musea. We decided to compliment each other with black and white outfits and allow the full spectrum color background hold the color behind us.


It was incredible connecting with hundreds of people who attended our virtual live Musea opening called “Dream a nü Dream.”  Kevin and I have been creating art together for over 15 years. We’ve travelled the world creating spectacular images together. We needed a background for our exhibit opening that reflected our full spectrum body of work.

Each flowering piece is made from watercolor paper and is sculpted into large textured backgrounds from my Soul Art School classes, talks, and exhibit opening.




Which watercolor flower is your favorite?

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Creating Artful Environments is a new artform for our digital age.

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