We can never know the pain of another.

We can only get familiar with our own pain and cultivate the resources to be able to show up for ourselves. In that process, we develop compassion that  we can offer to others.


Ups and downs are part of the natural cycle of life. The highs can be just as hard to process as the lows.

But it is the lows that are the most misunderstood in our culture.

We’re taught to positive-think things away. The truth is, when you fully face what is happening,  there is a natural optimism that grows from honoring the pain and letting it be the chisel that carves something beautiful.

Let your pain be the chisel that carves something beautiful.

3 Practices to Create Beauty from Pain



Feel your feelings. Before you ignore,  dismiss, or diminish your feelings, see if you can just notice what you feel. Being able to feel creates a sense of spiritual embodiment and presence. Being able to feel gives you access to the rich resources of your primal intelligence.  Being able to feel gives you a foundation of awareness from which you can grow something authentic. Authenticity is a form of beauty. Feeling the full truth of your feelings gives you a base to create beauty from pain.

Get to know your feelings:  What do you feel? How does it feel in your body?



Feeling what you feel lays the foundation to create beauty from pain, but if you don’t value your feelings you’ll quickly dismiss them as an inconvenience and diminish your capacity for beauty in the process. Valuing your feelings means you believe that what you feel has worth.  Believing your feelings have worth opens you to listen to them, understand them, and get to know the true communication in the heart of your feelings. Believing in your inherit value is the invisible pulse of beauty. Value your feelings, value yourself.

Value your feelings: How do you listen to your feelings? How can you seek to understand your feelings?



Honoring your feelings is how pain becomes the chisel that carves something beautiful. To honor your feelings means you understand the true heart of what’s happening within your experience so you can find the most exquisite way to show your respect for the truth. If you feel angry for legitimate reasons, you can honor your anger by speaking up for yourself. If you feel sad, you can honor your sadness by allowing yourself to cry. If you feel overwhelmed, you can honor your overwhelm by taking a moment to catch your breath.

Beauty comes from honoring the truth of your authentic feelings.

Honor your feelings: How can you honor the truth of who you are?

Take it even further…


Making something beautiful with your pain is a deep process of healing the core wound, reparenting yourself, getting your developmental needs met, and ultimately practicing the art of showing up for your whole self.

Soul Art School has dozens of rituals, journals, and workshops to empower your to express and embody your WHOLE Self on the planet.

These are some of the rituals you get instant access to when you sign up for Soul Art School including…



Imagine the beauty you will create as you master the art of processing your pain.


Pain isn’t the end of the story, it is the beginning of a new chapter where a new kind of beauty can emerge. Pain opens us to healing and healing primes the soil for creation. Soul Art School helps you be an artist of your life.

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Imagine what our world would look like if WE ALL created something beautiful with our pain.


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