Why are things so hard right now?

No, you’re not crazy. Coming out of a global pandemic doesn’t mean things just go back to normal. There is a whole new dynamic to deal with. Normal is being redefined.

We’re in between the old ways and the new ways. The old ways don’t feel quite right anymore, but the new ways aren’t quite clear yet either.

It’s a hard place to be. It isn’t just the uncertainty of the global pandemic, it is the uncertainty of our entire way of being on the planet.  We are collectively being faced with the unknown.

The unknown can bring up fear. Even though the unknown can be scary, there are people who know how to navigate the unknown….

The artist can face the unknown.




Artists have the ability to create something out of nothing.  Artists harness the power of their creativity to navigate through the unknown to birth something new.


We are entering the Age of the Artist.


We are collectively entering a time where we have to face the unknown and harness our creativity to navigate what is happening to create something new.


We are collectively called to face the unknown and get creative.


So if you’ve been wondering why things are so hard right now, here’s a new perspective…

It’s hard because we don’t have a pre-determined groove laying the path for us. We have to create new pathways.

We’re being called to cultivate our courage and creativity so we can face the unknown and find a way through.


We’re being called to become artists of a new way of being.


Being an artist isn’t just about creating a visual object like a painting or sculpture. Being an artist is a state of being where creative instincts guide the way. Everyone has the innate capacity of an artist.  Whether you are a skilled painter or you’ve never picked up a brush, you already have the innate ability of an artist.


You have the ability to be creative.


Every time you played as a child, you were naturally creative. Every time you pick an outfit to wear, you are exercising your creativity. Every time you dream about who you want to be, you’re activating your innate creativity.


The Age of the Artist is about accessing your innate creativity to co-create a new way of being on the planet.


More and more, your innate creativity will be called upon as we move forward on the planet. So, why not start strengthening those natural abilities now?

Cultivate your artist abilities so you can enter the Age of the Artist with courage and creativity…

3 artist abilities you can strengthen now!


1. Imagination

Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Knowledge confirms what is known.  Imagination takes you beyond the known into what is possible. As you exercise your imagination, you strengthen your artist abilities and your capacity to see beyond the current situation into something new. Use the artist skill of imagination to create new possibilities.

Artist Practice:  Imagine the kind of life you want to life. Imagine the kind of community you want to be part of. Imagine the kind of world you want to live in.


2. Intuitive Instincts

Your intuition is a natural instinct that gives you information beyond what is seen and measured. Intuition can get dusty when those hunches are dismissed as silly, impractical, or useless. Artists rely on their intuitive instincts as maps through the unknown. If you want to be able to navigate the unknown like an artist, dust off those intuitive instincts and start listening to those hunches.

Artist Practice: Notice when you your intuitive instincts show up. Get familiar with how they feel in your body. Start to follow the guidance you’re getting and see where it leads you.


3. Be Creative

Your creative is life-force energy. As you let your natural creativity move through you in every day situations, you build up a robust bank account of creative-life-force-energy.  The saying “Starving Artist” will seem like a joke in the future when the true value of creative energy is understood and respected. In truth, artists are rich! Artists are tapped into an infinite supply of life-force-energy!

Artist Practice: Find ways to exercise your creativity in every day situations, like what you wear, what you eat, how you enter a conversation, how your organize your life.  Get your creative juices flowing by finding the unique ways you enjoy being creative and go there!


There are many ways to practice your artist abilities, but the most important way is to start valuing your innate ability to be an artist, as it will become one of your most valuable skills for the future!

Learn more about building your artist abilities at Soul Art School. You don’t have to go it alone. Entering the unknown can be done in community.
We’re entering the Age of the Artist. It’s time to give your creativity the respect it deserves.


Learn about Soul Art School here


Enter the Age of the Artist with courage and creativity!

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