Laüra Hollick | Rainbow Layered Painting

Rainbow Layered Painting

June 25, 2022

I’ve been steadily working on this painting since 2020.  It’s a giant canvas that keeps getting thicker and heavier as I work through the layers. I’m creating a layer for each color of the rainbow.

My rainbow layered painting started with red…




I painted the red layer during the Soul Art School Founding Members Workshop in 2020.  I’d never worked on a red surface before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by how electric everything felt against the red. During the Soul Art School Workshop, we worked with a creative process called “Journey through the Rainbow Portal.”  Although this process started the creative process with this red painting, it actually feels like all the layers of the painting are my process through the Rainbow Portal!



The orange layer evolved into a series of yonis. I was leading Yoni Art Fest at the time and this Orange painting became the backdrop for all the Yoni Art Fest Interviews. Orange is often associated with the sacral chakra, connecting with the reproductive organs of the female body, so it felt like a perfect match. It was fun to explore different yoni personality types through this painting.




The yellow layer of the rainbow painting started as a door and shapeshifted into an egg that became a radiating sun.  A song came through this painting, singing in my native tongue, calling me to remember my true origin.  We’re all shapeshifters through the natural process of being and becoming. When we’re nourished by the warmth of our true origin, we endlessly grow into our next creation.




The green layer of the rainbow painting gave me a glimmer into the interconnectedness of nature. There was a fresh scent coming through this layer that made me feel like the dawn of the nü Earth is coming .



This is where I am now…

The green layer is evolving into a blue layer.

I’m still going strong and there is much to do!

My goal is to finish the current layer so I can start a new layer for this year’s International Soul Art Day.

The rainbow layered painting is reminding me that life is a process. Even when we finish one thing, it turns into another thing, and that thing evolves into something else, and the process continues.  I’ll keep sharing as this rainbow layered painting develops. For now…


What color layer is your favorite so far?

Let me know your favorite layer in the comments below.

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