To think like an artist, you have to get to know your own perspective and form your own opinions, associations, and meaning from your life experiences.

As you get to know your own perspective, you have something to express that is unique to you.


Exploring colors is a great place to practice thinking like an artist.


There are many common beliefs about what different colors mean or symbolize, but when you think like an artist, you form your own associations and give each color your own meaning.



Of course, it is fun to look up what different colors mean, or what chakra is connected to what color, and try to build an understanding of life based on these pre-determined ideas. And, many of them may feel true. But…


When you think like an artist, you seek your own meaning.


For example, the color yellow is typically associated with the solar plexus, sunshine, joy, and happiness. From one perspective that may be true, but when I think from my own perspective, my own association with yellow has been challenging. The color makes my skin look sickly and I feel a bit disjointed when I’m surrounded by too much yellow.  So for me, the color yellow is about finding my place and honoring what works for me.

It can be helpful to explore and understand other perspectives, as this may give you a dialogue to enter. But, ultimately to think like an artist, you have to build the muscle for having your own meaningful perspective.

Practice thinking like an artist. Explore the different colors in the chart below. Read through the common color associations,  my color perspective, and consider your own.


Think like an artist!

Think like an Artist!


Thinking like an artist is about being present to you own life experience and assigning your own meaning to your life.


Practice expressing yourself now. Share your color perspective in the comments below.


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