Laüra Hollick | How Creativity Relieves Overwhelm

How Creativity Relieves Overwhelm

July 14, 2022

There are a lot of legitimate reasons to feel overwhelmed. There is a deep exhaustion in the bones of society as we’ve been collectively navigating uncertainty and change. Individually, there has been a lot of isolation, and without enough connection, we start to get fried from a closed loop of circulation.

So, if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone and you’re not faulty. You’re simply experiencing these times.

There is relief!

Creativity is a phenomenal tool to combat the frazzle of overwhelm and restore peace and possibility within, no matter what chaos is happening in the world.


5 Ways Creativity Relieves Overwhelm


1. Creativity makes you present

The moment you start doing something creative, you become present to your inner being. Something as simple as imagining an outfit you’d like to wear, or a place you’d like to travel activates your creativity and gives permission for your inner life-force energy to move through you. When you start doodling or playing around with colors and shapes, etc… you’re engaged. That engagement is your presence. When you’re present, you gain access to your inner resources which immediately supports you in whatever you’re facing.


2. Creativity clears the cobwebs

The simple act of doing something creative clears the cobwebs in your mind like a divine duster. If there is a lot of unprocessed stuff from the past, it will build up and evolve into overwhelm. Overwhelm is the feeling of more coming in than going out, and if there is a lot of unprocessed stuff from the past, there is already a lot in there. Any new stimulation creates overwhelm because you’re already full.
Creativity helps process, clear, and empty the build up so you’re fresh and free for what serves you best in this moment.


3. Creativity shifts your brain waves

Entering the creative zone puts you in a meditative state. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, your brain will probably feel a bit fried, making it hard to focus or think clearly. When you’re creatively expressing yourself, your brain shifts gears from overstimulation to present engagement. Being engaged in the present is meditation. Overwhelm vaporizes in a meditative state of presence.


4. Creativity gives you a fresh perspective

Creativity opens you to a higher perspective where you can access your own wisdom and insight. When you’re in a state of overwhelm, there is a very limited perspective because everything gets squeezed and suffocated. But when you get your creative juices flowing, you become expansive and open. That openness gives you a fresh perspective on your current challenges and the inner resources to face them.


5. Creativity restores your play

Children are naturally creative. They can build a house out of sticks and imagine entire stories with a few pinecones.  When you become creative, not only do you access your wisdom, you also regain access to your innocence and your sense of play and wonder. When overwhelm has you in its grip, it can rob your innocence. When you get creative, you restore your play and regain your innocence.


Let’s get creative!

Creativity heals the body, mind, and soul. If you’ve been dealing with overwhelm, exhaustion, fear, or worry, your creativity can help you restore your peace and power.

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Creativity is available to everyone no matter where you are, what your situation is, what your background is, what you’ve done in the past, what you dream of in the future….

Creativity is a resource you have access to!


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