Laüra Hollick | Making the Soul Art Day images

Making the Soul Art Day images

July 23, 2022

International Soul Art Day is our annual global art event that gathers thousands of  people to create art together for the day. Each year we create a new set of graphics to capture the Soul Art Day vibe for that year.

This year I knew we needed color, a sense of revival, and to believe in our capacity to create ourselves as art.

See how the Soul Art Day images evolved from this to that…



It all started with the art, of course!

I created a giant painting for a class in the Soul Art Certification that expressed the energy of the Soul Star (or Higher Self).

See the painting unfold…

Creating an explosion of color felt like a burst of aliveness!

Once I had created the painting, I had the idea to camoflauge with it through bodypainting so I could literally become the art.

I brought in my favorite bodypainter and makeup artist extraordinaire Alannah Mason and we went to town!


See Laüra become the art…

Once the painting and bodypainting were ready to go, photographer Kevin Thom landed the vision with his incredible eye. He can illuminate the potent moments so everything sings!


Feel the vibe…

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This year’s Soul Art Day is happening on July 28!

Unleash the full spectrum of your creative superpowers during this sacred global gathering.



Soul Art Day is for anyone who wants to express their creativity: old, young, Black, white, the whole rainbow spectrum of humans is welcome.

You can work in any art medium you want on Soul Art Day.  Here are some examples: painting, collage, fabric, earth art, found objects, sculpture, costume, and fully adorned embodiment.

This is our time to get creative in community together.


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