Laüra Hollick | Incredible art from Soul Art Day 2022!

Incredible art from Soul Art Day 2022!

August 6, 2022

Our global community created a feast of inspiration!

During this year’s International Soul Art Day thousands of people gathered from around the world to create art together for the day. We put together a collection of art created on the day.

The Soul Art Day Gallery features over 800 original pieces of art created in the vortex of International Soul Art Day.

You can feel the International vibe with artists from Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Australia, Finland, Canada, USA, France, Peru, Bali, Egypt, Mexico, UK, and more. But what is even more palpable is the quality of soul emanating through this gorgeous gallery.



These are some of the Soul Art Day pieces featured in the gallery created by: Nadia Nadege, Tuulikki Jalkanen, Stede Barber, Awi, Carmen Ciobanu, Karen Buford, Cary Wyniger, Kathleen Kook, Bianca Alonso, Katelyn Mariah, Holly Hildebrand, Sonia Sonja,  Malinda Gilbertson, Yennis Mak, Laura Ecsiova, Jennifer Blumenthal, Adele, Margarita, Janina Stenzel, Barb Kolterman, Christine, May Ragaban, Paula Franco, Willie Chew, Cathy Hicks, Tracie Smith, Robelis Roderiguez, Carmen Bran, Kim Moore, Kerstine, and Monique Van Der Hoeven.


Each piece of art in the Soul Art Day Gallery has its own feature page along with a written interview with the artist where they share their Soul Art Day experience.


Here are a few quotes from the interviews featured in the Soul Art Day Gallery:

“The energy was electrifying and the feeling of connection was incredible!” – Robelis Rodriguez

“I am super excited to have landed on a style that works to help me be very original in my paintings.” – Karen Buford

“It is nice to define a day only for Soul Art, it’s like a 2nd personal Birthday.” – Janina Stenzel

“This is such a breakthrough.”– Pegi Eyers


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