Laüra Hollick | Your body is a portal to your soul

Your body is a portal to your soul

August 27, 2022

In the Soul Art Certification we work with a process called Bodymapping where your body becomes a portal to your soul.

We make shapes with the body to create entry points into the creative process. Bodymapping gives us a way to enter the world within.

This past week, I led a Soul Art a-thon as a countdown to the Certification. Our global community explored a creative process each day as we stirred up the energy for this year’s Soul Art Certification that officially started on Friday!

During the Soul Art a-thon, I bodymapped on a giant purple canvas.

This is the painting that unfolded during the Soul Art a-thon using my body as a portal to my soul…



I put my giant purple canvas on the floor and played around with the different shapes and poses to feel into how my soul wanted to stretch and move.

Each shape felt like a story waiting to be told.



Once I had a collection of body shapes and poses traced onto the giant purple canvas, I hung the canvas back on the wall  so I could start painting.



On the first day of the Soul Art a-thon, we dove into the creative process using shapes and symbols. I included one of my full body shapes, some hands from another body shape, some tears, and a circle.



On the second day of the Soul Art a-thon, a rainbow grew out of my feet and swooped around where I caught it with my hand.



On the third day of the Soul Art a-thon, the electric pulse of catching a rainbow shot through my body and created a burst of aliveness that birthed through my yoni!



On the forth day of the Soul Art a-thon, I started to work with all the elements that came through from the previous days and let them weave a story together. I was getting all kinds of messages about how my body is channel for energy. As I walk the path of my true nature, bursts of energy move through me.



When the painting came to a natural completion, I was in awe of how the pieces came together. My soul was singing in my body.  So much energy, such aliveness pulsing through my art and my body!


My art teaches me so much.  It gives me messages from my soul. When I see my body in the art, I feel like I get a window into my inner world and the way my soul sees my life.  Every Soul Art journey is illuminating and invigorating!


What do you think of this purple painting?

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