Laüra Hollick | Transforming Knowledge into Wisdom

Transforming Knowledge into Wisdom

March 11, 2012

Knowledge is something that comes from outside of you. Wisdom is something that comes from inside of you.

When you are learning you are gathering knowledge. Then, there is a magical process where that knowledge transforms into wisdom and you own it from the inside out.

Learn how to transform knowledge into wisdom…

Transforming knowledge into wisdom is the journey of embodying what you’ve learned and making it your own.

Here are 4 steps to Transform any Knowledge you’ve gathered into Wisdom.

Step 1: Let it in

When you are gathering knowledge you are in the learning stage. The most powerful thing you can do during this stage is let it in. Allow yourself to listen, receive and absorb what you are learning.

Think of something you are learning right now, are you letting it in?

Step 2: Try it on

As you gather knowledge you need to try it on. Put the knowledge into practice and make it relevant in your life. This stage is about implementing what you are learning.

Where can you put some knowledge into practice?

Step 3: Make it  your own

When you put knowledge into practice you build a solid foundation to stand on. That foundation gives you the freedom to express yourself and add your unique creative flair.

Where can you add your own unique creative flair to something you’ve learned?

Step 4: Embody what you’ve learned

When you embody knowledge you have transformed it into wisdom.  This is the stage where you fully understand what you’ve learned and you have made it your own. You understand it inside and out!

Where in your life have you fully embodied knowledge and transformed it into wisdom?


*I would love to hear about how you have transformed knowledge into wisdom in your life!  Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.


The CD Knowledge Dress is a metaphor for embodying knowledge and transforming it into wisdom.

Knowledge Dress

‘Knowledge Dress’ Laüra Hollick wearing her CD Dress.
Makeup Sue Upton. Silver top designed by Lissa Hill.
Photo by Kevin Thom.


Want to see the making of the Knowledge Dress?
Check out this behind the scenes video here….


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