Here’s a glimpse into my Soul Art Studio….

I’m working on an 80 meter (approximately 262 foot) Rainbow Bridge!


When you’re someone who makes a lot, like me, eventually you start to build up a lot of old costumes, left-over bits of fabrics and art supplies (just look at my robust Galleries to understand what I’m talking about!). As my supplies were stacking up, I had a flash of inspiration one day when I realized I could re-use my previously used supplies and transform them into something nü.

Not only did this idea solve the mounting problem of what to do with the massive amount of art I create, but it also tapped into something deeper inside of me that believes “Everything is part of the whole, there is no garbage, there is only circulation.”

So, for the past 2+ years I’ve been circulating! I’ve been cutting up old costumes and left over bits of fabric and transforming them into Rainbow carpets that are forming a Rainbow Bridge.


The process of making these Rainbow carpets is very labor intensive. Each color piece of fabric is hand glued on to the canvas ground.  To do one color section (one block of green for example) takes approximately 4-5hours.

Before beginning each section I set an intention to direct my focus for the 4-5 hour meditation. I typically can only sit for an hour or so at a time, but I can usually finish one color section in a full day of meditation. You can see why this process takes years.

I often sketch and write on the canvas ground before I begin to name the focus of my meditation. Even though all the words and sketches get covered up by the colored fabrics, the energy of what they mean are infused into the creation.



I view these Rainbow carpets as a bridge that merges dreams into reality.

There is a legendary story about a Rainbow Bridge that merges Heaven and Earth. This legendary story is guiding my creative process.

My plan is to create 80+ meters of Rainbow carpet, to form one giant Rainbow Bridge that includes 10 full Rainbows, approximately 262 feet.

When all the Rainbow carpets are complete I will do an outdoor performance art piece called ‘Walking the Rainbow Bridge‘. This will be photographed and documented by Kevin Thom.

Once this epic Rainbow Bridge is fully birthed, and it has been properly photographed in its full glory, I will be selling the individual Rainbow sections of the Bridge along with limited edition prints of the realized photo. There will only be 10 Rainbows available for very special homes or sacred public spaces.  If this is something you are interested in, email us and we will put you on a priority notification list when the Rainbow Bridge is ready.

If you have any ideas for sacred public spaces or very special individuals that would make the perfect home for these Rainbow carpets, please leave your thoughts in the comments below. I imagine they will be hung on the wall in large spaces as symbol for bridging heaven and earth, and birthing dreams into reality.

I’m curious what the Legend of the Rainbow Bridge means to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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