Laüra Hollick is a prolific artist with an endless flow of ideas. She uses many mediums including painting, collage, costume, sculpture, photography, embodiment, ritual, dance and most of all, herself.

Laüra is inspired by the transformational process of birthing dreams into reality. She believes making imaginary realms real sculpts our world with beauty, love and magic. These galleries are evolving continuously to showcase the fertile soil of Laüra’s imagination.

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The Magenta Gallery features a collection of Laüra Hollick’s art, paintings, photos, costumes, and environmental creations that highlight the magenta color.

View Laüra’s Magenta Gallery

Laüra Hollick's Red Gallery
The Red Gallery features a collection of Laüra Hollick’s art, sculptures, costumes, photos, and environmental creations that highlight the color red.

View Laüra’s Red Gallery

Laüra Hollick's Orange Gallery
The Orange Gallery features a collection of Laüra Hollick’s art, ceremonial dance rituals, costumes, headpieces, and living art photographs that highlights the color orange.

View Laüra’s Orange Gallery

Laüra Hollick's Yellow Gallery
Bathe in the divine light of Yellow with Laüra Hollick’s vibrant collection of Soul Art, photos and Shamanic Performances. Let this color awaken and activate your divine light!

View Laüra’s Yellow Gallery

Laüra Hollick's Green Gallery
Traveling through the Green Gallery is like going on a hike in the land of the Heart Chakra. There are fresh sprouts of nature blossoming through these images creating oxygen for your spirit.

View Laüra’s Green Gallery

Laüra Hollick's Blue Gallery
The Blue Gallery showers your soul with a cleansing collection of Laüra Hollick’s art, photos, costumes and ceremonial dance performances highlighting the color blue. Hydrate your spirit with the pure inspiration of blue!

View Laüra’s Blue Gallery

Laüra Hollick's Purple Gallery
The Purple Gallery purrs and pulses with passion.  This Gallery features a collection of Laüra Hollick’s art, sculptures, paintings, costumes, photos, and sacred ceremonies that highlight the color purple. Through the exploration of this majestic color Laüra ignited her exotic sensuality.

View Laüra’s Purple Gallery

Laüra Hollick's Black Gallery
The Black Gallery calls us deep into the dark mystery and primal pulse of the earth. Marinate in the magic of a collection of Laüra’s art, photos, costumes and ritualistic performances highlighting black.

Visit Laüra’s Black Gallery

Laüra Hollick's White Gallery
The White Gallery features a collection of Laüra’s embodied art, Rituals, Ceremonies, costumes, dances and creative visions highlighting the color white. Through Laüra’s white Soul Art, she gives us a portal into a magical land where peace is a pristine state of being and innocence is wise.

Visit Laüra’s White Gallery

The Rainbow Gallery features a collection of Laüra Hollick’s art, photos, costumes, and projects that highlight her range as an artist while using all the colors in the rainbow.  Since childhood, Laüra has been fascinated by rainbows and the magical worlds they open up.

View Laüra’s Rainbow Gallery

The Black & White Gallery showcases the origins of Laüra’s practice of creating herself as art. Through the creation of these black & white images, Laüra discovered core elements of her essence: beauty, sensuality and a deep love for the Earth.

View Laüra’s Black & White Gallery

Laüra’s Soul Art Collage Gallery features the beginnings of her journey as an artist where she was initiated by her desire to heal the wounds of ugliness and uncover her natural beauty. These collages tell the story of Laüra’s healing journey using a creative process she developed called ‘Bodymapping’.

View Laüra’s Soul Art Collage Gallery

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Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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