Laüra Hollick White Gallery

The White Gallery features a collection of Laüra’s embodied art, Rituals, Ceremonies, costumes, dances and creative visions highlighting the color white. Through Laüra’s white Soul Art, she gives us a portal into a magical land where peace is a pristine state of being and innocence is wise.

White is a timeless beauty that lives in a realm where spirit and earth dance in unison.

Click on each image to experience it in its full beauty.

White is wise, innocent, pure, and pristine. It seduces the soul with beauty.  White gives us a fresh perspective by cleaning the lens so we may see only what is essential.

Now that you’ve been misted by the white winds and waterfalls of Laüra’s White Gallery notice what White image resonates with your soul.  Give yourself the gift of luxuriating in the sacred medicine of White and drink in its cleansing milk.

Which White image speaks to your soul?  Share in the comments below.

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Laüra Hollick as Living Art

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