Nina Lightheart

This piece describes the beginning of a new, soft and gentle relationship with me and my own Yoni. During the process I started to see her more and more as a good friend that has helpful advice and guidance for me. She has her own layers and keeps changing over my monthly cycle immensely in terms of moods, emotions and statements. Out of this exciting process I even started “Yoni journaling” that inspired me to listen closely to my feminine, gentle Yin side.

Yoni Art by Nina Lightheart

About Nina Lightheart

Creativity and Soul Art in all its different forms and colors make me happy and surround me at home. I consider life as an adventure which is full of possibilities, magic and poetry. Aliveness and laughing about myself creates a beautiful lightness of being that inspires others to do the same. My intuitive art is created and supported by music and I travel in my imagination through time, space and dimensions. Often I feel like Alice in Wonderland diving into my inner world , discovering landscapes and characters that communicate with my intuition and help me to make heart based decisions. I have an artistic background in set design and architecture but since I started Laüra Hollick’s Soul Art Body Mapping Certification course, new doors of inner and outer transformation have opened for me beyond words.

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