Rosa Latva

This piece of art expresses the fiery part of my creativity, the radiant light of HOT energy, the flame of sexuality which purpose is to create. It’s like the sun that creates heat, having the power to produce life-energy or burn what no longer serves. The light that shines is bold, where colors become more vivid and clear. It’s a sacred temple that ought to be treated with respect – when it is held in it’s right value, it can be a source of powerful energy that is purifying and re-vitalising at the same time.

Yoni Art by Rosa Latva

About Rosa Latva

Rosa is a singer, songwriter, multi-artist and creative teacher breathing sensual fairytales to life. With a wide range of experience as a singer and performer her chameleon-like music and voice has been described as intimate and strong. Her latest music release, “Uni” (2015), where she acts as the composer, writer and producer besides singing, has created promising anticipation for future creations from this diverse artist. Rosa also works actively as a dancer, bellydance teacher, actress, visual artist and voice teacher.

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