Hannah Natali

Feminine softness, radiant beauty and warrior strength. Yoni Mudra enhances and encourages a state of introversion, growing more aware of the subtle energies within. It can also be used to awaken the Kundalini, sexual energy, or creative alchemy lying at the base of the spine. The white butterfly symbolizing the innocent soul of the Yoni, represents the graceful navigation of this energy through self mastery. When centered in this creative flow, new life can emerge.

Yoni Art by Hannah Natali

About Hannah Natali

Born on the big island of Hawaii, Hannah Natali was captivated by mother nature’s mystique at an early age. Her art explores connections between plant and animal life and the spirit world. Of Chilean-Italian heritage, Hannah’s paintings and installations reveal her deep reverence for the divine feminine and the wisdom of ancient cultures. She lives and creates in Venice, California.

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