Emily Moody

This was my first yoni art piece. It was both challenging and so opening. Before doing this yoni art piece I didn’t realize how much that I didn’t connect with this part of myself, and when she came out she had so much to say. Named Alohalani, “Full of Compassion,” she has so many colors and personalities: bright, dark, flirty, shy, passionate, beautiful…She has taught me so much about myself.

Yoni Art by Emily Moody

About Emily Moody

My name is Emily, and I have recently joined the Soul Art community to get back into my passion of art. I have been painting since I was a kid and received a BFA in painting in college in 2007. Since then I’ve sadly let go of my art in order to pursue alternative healing therapies, but now I have realized that it is time to embrace my creativity again in order for me to be a whole and joyous person. Soul Art has helped me to do/be just this. I’m excited about my Soul Art path and what the combination of art, healing, and passion can do.

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