Janice Chong

“Connecting with the soul of my yoni through Yoni Art has ignited me to explore further my curiosity of integrating  sexual energy into expression and deeper understanding that sexual energy is creative energy.  From this sacred place of our soul’s well is where we procreate, where we bring life into the world, where we find pleasure, deep connection with ourselves, and outward expression.” Janice Chong November 2016

Yoni Art by Janice Chong

About Janice Chong

I, Janice Chong am an artist in motion, a dancer, drummer and creator of vibrant mixed media. My professional experience includes thirty eight years of work in graphic design, package design, video production and editing. While living in New York, I won an Emmy award for my design work at NBC TV, and also earned a Master’s degree in Graphic Arts from Pratt Institute.

My desire to live as an artist, and to be connected creatively and spiritually led me to become certified in a self-healing method called Soul Art. I found the Soul Art method to be joyful and transformative, and I deeply wanted to share this experience with others so they too can express their authentic wisdom.

My dream to empower artist and non-artists through Soul Art gave birth to my INNER CHILD INSPIRED workshops. In the workshops, I teach people to connect with their intuition, interpret their art and find deeper messages. This facilitates self-healing and joyful self-expression.

Technique alone is not enough, for magic happens when the heart and mind unite.

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