Marcia Moore

This yoni art is inspired by the divine love affair I am in with Gaia. As I surrender into Her loving embrace and allow Her to guide me, She fills my womb with the light of joy, love, creativity, and wisdom.

The yoni art that I’ve laid over my body is inspired by the sacred union of the masculine and feminine. The inspiration came through me while making love and represents this sacred union and the cycle of life.

My yoni is like a flower, opening petal by petal, serving as a bridge of pleasure between myself and the divine feminine. My yoni is a portal through which creation is born. When I give expression to my yoni through the sacred ritual of yoni art, I experience a deeper connection and communion with Gaia, remembering my body as Love.

Yoni Art by Marcia Moore

About Marcia Moore

I am a Soul Artist, expressing my inner world, spiritual journey, and healing through visual art. My womb is a womb of creation, serving as a portal through which creativity is realized, experienced and born. I am Wholeness birthing through my life experience in love, service, and devotion and I love it!

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