Lainie Love Dalby

The Fiery Gate of Cosmic Mystery – 4 ft x 23 in – Shamanic Healing Art Mandorla with paint, thread, starfish, painted fingernails, cowry shell, acorns, rose petals, menstrual blood and yoni juice stained white silk, found wood, selenite wand, geode, and a quartz crystal point. – I believe in the power of art-making as a form of prayer & communion with the Divine. Each offering of sacred he(art) is an opportunity to journey into my inner landscapes & mine the beauty & wisdom of the soul in order to bring forth my deepest expressions of wholeness and the embodied truth felt deep in my bones, all while holding the intention for individual and global healing. This archetypal & symbolic work is an expression of my own personal Yoniverse as well as the collective. It is the fierce seat of power and creative manifestation that gives birth to new life again and again, always sparkling SHAMELESSLY.

Yoni Art by Lainie Love Dalby

About Lainie Love Dalby

Lainie Love Dalby is a Misfit Minister, Sacred Artist & (R)evolutionary Muse on a mission to free human spirits that have been oppressed & devalued, especially women. As an embodied spiritual leader with her own brand of multimedia ministry, she is dismantling old systems, ideas and ways of being that dim our inner #SOULSPARKLE, promote separateness, and limit our full (r)evolutionary potential. She is also deeply passionate about ending the violence we perpetrate against each other and our own bodies by reminding us of our inherent Divinity within. Her ultimate goal is to help us feel more comfortable in our own skin and live in greater alignment with who we truly are by unleashing our creativity and capacity to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY™. Through her shamanic healing artwork, sacred arts education, spiritual immersions & leadership mentoring, she is helping us to co-create our lives as a great masterpiece for the good of all.

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