Cora Flora

Music is my primary creative outlet, so this was a bit out of my comfort zone… However I’ve loved drawing since I was a little girl. On my journey of healing my sexuality the last few years, drawing has provided expression and light into feelings that I didn’t know how to otherwise express. Drawing how my body feels, how my yoni feels, and how my heart feels has helped me see deeper and higher into the state of my being.

I’m deeply thankful for this image, which was healing to create. It’s an expression of my yoni, the deep expansive wisdom, the swimming life energy, the core of loving peace within, and so much more. While drawing I felt deep honour for magic of the yoni, the sacred gateway.

Yoni Art by Cora Flora

About Cora Flora

Cora Flora is an inspirational musician and entrepreneur from Canada. She has five albums of original Music which explore the realms of Love, Environmental Consciousness, Sexual Healing, Spiritual Awakening, and stepping into the Amazing Grace it is to be a part of this Creation. She has a new album called ILLUMINATION, which she is excited to be releasing in early 2017.

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