Dr Amanda Noelle

I used to witch hunt my own pussy…I hated the way she looked, and was so afraid that someone might not approve of her that I never let anyone see me… I refused oral sex for a long time.
I have carried a print of Boticelli’s “Birth of Venus” with me since I was living in Florence, Italy at age 20, to remind me how to accept my own inner goddess.

This unique mythological painting was the first non-religious female nude since the classical era, and it miraculously survived Dominican monk Savonarola’s virulent 4-year campaign against profanity and frivolity called “bonfire of the vanities.”

The painting reminds me that despite the attempted witch burnings, the goddess will always thrive.
It was edgy to combine my favorite painting and blend it with a shot of a flower and of MY own flower.

I now love the way that I look, smell, and taste.

When I look at my pussy in the mirror, I see a goddess.

When I look at other women’s pussies, I see a goddess and am reminded that we all are each unique (or “yonique” as I call it) expressions of the Great Goddess.

And each flower has a yonique purpose that needs water (love) and sun (light) to grow. It is my hope that this shot of my cootch will encourage women to unveil their unique yoni magic and medicine for those who are ready to receive.

Aho, amama!

Yoni Art by Dr Amanda Noelle

About Dr Amanda Noelle

Dr Amanda Noelle is a modern day high priestess who helps women call in their money and their man (Twin Flame) with ORGASM, at light speed. She helps clients tap into their pussies, not just their heads, to build their 7-figure orgasmic businesses and thriving Twin Flame relationships. Her mission is to emancipate women from past patriarchal paradigms of business, wealth, marriage, and relationships by freeing what she calls PU$$Y Power–the Sacred Feminine Chalice that creates from higher dimensions.

Dr Amanda graduated with high honors from Duke University in Sexuality Studies, and holds a PhD in metaphysical counseling. She is a gifted Twin Flame Matchmaker and the founder of Aphrodite University, the premier Divine Feminine “yoniversity” and bli$$ness mystery school. To learn more, visit www.AphroditeUniversity.org and www.DrAmandaNoelle.com

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