Antonia Wibke (Awi) Heidelmann

I’ve created this piece in many layers while connecting with and processing the many feelings and experiences that are connected with this very sacred and intimate part of my body. Through the intuitive art process I witnessed the transformation of a painful, messy, chaotic, wounded, empty, and disconnected place through the appearance of sacred geometric forms in yoni shapes as healing temples. A young fading and crying woman retreating inward at some moment opened her eyes, felt safe to be naked and seen again – expanding her essence to open a portal to the divine. This intuitive art journey confirmed my current path of sacred sexual liberation and helped me prepare for my court date. (It’s possible that new layers will be added. The process is also documented in a timelapse video.)

Yoni Art by Antonia Wibke (Awi) Heidelmann

About Antonia Wibke (Awi) Heidelmann

Curious creative explorer of life, walking the daring path of uncovering and liberating what’s been hidden to use as fuel for awakening, creative empowerment, purpose and pleasure.
Survivor of sexual abuse currently facing the rapist in trial as a success of a deep transformation journey. I am here as a source of inspiration and creative liberation. Through my project FULLY SEEN I assist spiritual creatives on a mission to be seen in their radiant & vulnerable heart power, dare to explore and share their true stories & gifts with the world to liberate themselves in service of a new Earth.

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