Juliette Whelpton

Her name is Firewolf. She is mysterious, exotic, esoteric and wild – the gateway to creative energy.

Yoni Art by Juliette Whelpton

About Juliette Whelpton

I am a free spirited woman, constantly seeking, exploring and transforming. I belief in connectivity and that everything that exist is in relationship with one another with the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between these interdependent elements.

I am the founder of Healing Hooves, a company where I practice from within a holistic and natural approach to healing and transformation, emphasizing the necessity of looking at the whole person- body, mind, emotions and environment. I am a qualified EAGALA facilitator, counsellor and natural healer.

My passion in life is to guide people in their transformation process by offering retreats and workshops using creative art, psychological, mythological, metaphorical and personal insight and being in nature between a herd of horses. These spiritual and personal growth with horses, art and nature retreats offer reconnection, revitalization and healing, shifting consciousness and tuning and raising personal and universal vibration.

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