Sonja Shradha Devi

The more i feel her, the more she reveals….

Her language is deep and subtle and tender.

You have to go slow to catch her whispers and ride her waves.

What I want to know is ….

Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that I have a multidimensional yoni!!!

Truly, It’s the worlds Best kept secret

And I am doing all I can to let the cat out of the bag ( or could I say , the pussy out of the dark☺)

This is what I have found;

That women’s yoni’s are energetic portals, linking her up to the entire universe..


She will only take you to the gateways OUT of your limited self and INTO universal energy and love IF you develop a relationship to her.

Respect and sensitivity, presence and love – if you offer this to her, she will take you on journeys to deeply hidden places and transcendental realms.

Yoni Art by Sonja Shradha Devi

About Sonja Shradha Devi

Shradha is a modern day Priestess, Healer, Sensual Empowerment coach, Writer and Tantra Teacher. She supports women and men to move OUT of guilt, fear, shame and blame, connect to their embodied power and create juicy lives and next level intimate relationships.

Based in Bali she travels the world offering powerful group rituals and retreats, intimacy workshops and coaching sessions, mentors women in her on line ‘Feminine Rising Tribe’, and writes on all things sacred, spiritual, sensual and feminine in her widely read Blog.

Those who work with her frequently report that they have powerful transformational experiences and feel loved, beautiful, alive, juicy, powerful and connected, fully, for the first time.

She will help you transform your tears into gold, orgasms into prayers, and your life into a wild sacred adventure!

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