Shakaya Leone

She whispers… but don’t mistake her softness for weakness… I call this BOLD SURRENDER because that is what my journey of healing and honouring of my most feminine physical gateway and essence has required. I think what inspires me the most is the poetry… i really love the feminine mystery and power of our most sacred landscape.

Yoni Art by Shakaya Leone

About Shakaya Leone

Shakaya Leone is an Earth Empress who elevates a woman’s life into an experience of exquisite, feminine, sensual beauty.
Shakaya Leone is also a fulfilled wife and mother, the author of best-selling Naked Beauty, Nude Food, is the founder of World Detox Day and creator of The Formula of Receiving.
Shakaya is founder of a company dedicated to helping women embody their unique beauty and become a channel of Receiving in a Feminine way through Exquisite Self-Care and Sensual Beauty.

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