Celia Macqueen

My image was inspired by the ancient Celtic goddess Sheela na gig. I Love her primal rawness and power, to me she is a wild portal to The Creatrix Herself, direct access to Source through and as my yoni personification. I choose to embody her archetypal energies as an expression of my yoni as pure joy. It was a lot of fun dressing up, then heading out into the woods on the land on which we live to take the pictures. I love the way this image came out, the primal, powerful, joy filled expression of YONI…

Yoni Art by Celia Macqueen

About Celia Macqueen

Yoni consciousness Lights me Up.
I have been drawn to it for decades, and without being aware I would form the yoni mudra naturally in mediation and deep states of surrender. I have recently begun co creating fabric yoni’s and find this practice to be a deep and delightful expression of my yoni, I am finding these yoni’s to be powerful tools in clearing, healing, reclamation and remembering.
For many years I studied shamanism it was a gateway for me into The deeper realms of The Goddess, our Great Mother, The All.
I am on a brilliant journey of diving deeper and deeper into my mystical, multidimensional, starseed nature and loving what I find there, joy, innocence, purity, Magic. It is one of my deepest joys to share this depth of my beingness with others who are also on a journey of reclamation… Light meeting Light rejoicing, celebrating and expressing as That.

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