Antoinette Bishop

I am so humbled to have really, really met my yoni.

This drawing happened early one morning after I had just descended down from the mountains where I had been doing a vision quest for 4 days. While I drew her, I could feel her. And while I am writing this, I can also feel her.

Yoni Art has helped me to connect deeper to myself and to the woman who have come before me. It has helped me to tap into past hurts and beliefsm and ones I never even knew existed. I have healed on so many levels…

Thank you Laura for sharing your wisdom with us! Looking forward to creating many many more sacred Yoni pieces.

Yoni Art by Antoinette Bishop

About Antoinette Bishop

From when I can remember I have been an artist! I have also been a Free Spirit.

Years ago when I started questioning my life path on this earth, I was told that I was here to teach love. Love? How do you teach love? You can’t teach love. You can only guide people to experience it, and it is an ongoing journey.

I’m so thankful to have come across Laura’s work 10 months ago. The Soul Art process is incredibly powerful, and I am currently incorporating it in developing workshops where I will be guiding people to connect inside to find their deeper calling on this earth. We all have unique gifts. When I found mine, it helped me to understand myself better, and it gave me a deeper purpose to live this life fully.

I’m enrolled for all the modules in Laura’s course, and am looking forward to my initiation as Art Shaman soon.

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